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About us.

We are leaders in sourcing and supplying fixtures for the construction industry.

Our Mission is provide the most innovative fixture solutions to our valued partners while keeping their construction projects on time, and in budget.

Based in Central Texas, we focus on sourcing and supplying quality designer fixtures at budget conscious prices for the multifamily industry.

Our large project-specific quantities reduce costs, providing you a designer fixture within your multifamily construction budget.

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What we believe.

We believe that we have a part to play in cultivating a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

We pursue this purpose daily by living out the following core values.

Dedication - We do whatever it takes.
Innovation - We're bold enough to shape the future.
Collaboration - We work together to achieve success
Leadership - We commit to being better than yesterday and prepared for tomorrow.
Fair - Our work will contribute to the good of all.
Results Driven - We stay focused on what matters most.

By working towards what we believe, we are able to provide our Clients beautiful, innovative, affordable, and sustainable fixtures that set them apart in the industry and help build a better future for all.

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Designer fixtures within your construction budget.


Some questions & some answers...

Do you stock lighting?

We do stock some lighting that is consistently used across multiple project specifications. To check our lighting in stock, shop now.

What types of lights do you source and supply?

Anything from parking and garage lighting to the clubhouse chandelier, and all the spaces in between.

Do you provide warranties?

We extend all manufacturers standard terms and conditions of warranty.

Do your products come from overseas manufacturers?

We have partnerships with many of the leading lighting manufactures around the world, including some here in the USA. We typically source directly from the factories that produce household, name-brand lighting products.

What is your turn around time?

Internationally sourced items, which include high-volume unit and building fixtures, fans, and lighted mirrors, are 90-160 days from product approval to product supply, depending on the product.

Domestically procured items, which include designer selected clubhouse fixtures, site and landscape lighting, fire safety, and other amenity fixtures are 15-45 days from product approval to product supply, depending on the product.

How do you deliver?

We ship all projects in conjunction with the identified turn schedule. We deliver personalized and scheduled deliveries to customers within Central Texas.

For those outside of Central Texas, we deliver by common carrier freight lines direct to job site or prearranged location.

Do you do photometrics?

We partner with domestic site area lighting manufacturers to help design and provide photometric plans for multifamily projects.